Centres of Research on the Internet

A burgeoning number of researchers are focusing on the Internet and its social, political and economic aspects, but a virtual network of centres for Internet research is emerging as well. These include units with a variety of perspectives on Internet studies. Others may have more comprehensive lists, which I would like to hear about, but let me suggest the following general categories with a few illustrations of specific centres. I’d welcome comments on the categories and suggestions of centres that should be included or excluded. Do I have the core set?

I posted a Word document, compiled 20 August 2006, which is superceded by the following compilation, based on comments on the first draft. Many thanks to those who provided feedback. Internet Research Centres, Revised Oct 2006

4 thoughts on “Centres of Research on the Internet

  1. Yes, clearly an oversight. Thanks for this suggestion. At one point I wondered about whether to incorporate telecommunication programmes, given how numerous they are. That said, the Quello Center like the Teleinformation Center at Columbia place priority on Internet and new communication policy issues. I agree.

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