Letter from the Painter – Jeremy Sutton: Seminar to Follow OII Lecture

Jeremy Sutton will be giving a lecture and demonstration on digital painting at the OII on 28 June, entitled ‘A Tale of Two Portraits: From Crayon to Computer. The Role of Digital Fine Art Media in Live Portraiture’. An added feature is that Jeremy will be offering a seminar throughout the next day at Pembroke College on 29 June 2007. Do contact him if you’d like to attend the seminar, or the OII events officer if you would like to attend his lecture on the 28th of June through events at oii.ox.ac.uk

For the lecture, see: http://www.oii.ox.ac.uk/events/details.cfm?id=132
For the seminar: http://www.paintercreativity.com/courses/ukpainterworkshop2007.html

The following is an extract from a letter Jeremy has sent to his mailing list:

Subject: Talk and Seminar, Oxford, UK, June 28th/29th, 2007

“… I’m excited to share with you just-finalized details for my upcoming UK Painter X Creativity Seminar. It’ll take place at Pembroke College, Oxford, on Friday, June 29th, 2007. Please see
for more information and to register. This seminar will be suitable for all levels of Painter users. I shall keep the class size to ten or less so I can give everyone individual attention. Guarantee yourself a place by registering early. It’ll be a fun, action-packed day of stimulating and skill-building hands-on projects and demos.

I shall also be giving a talk at the Oxford Internet Institute the afternoon before, on Thursday, June 28th, 4 – 6pm, to which you’re cordially invited, whether or not you decide to take the class. Details on my talk are at the same URL as for the seminar. If you plan to join the class I recommend you come up to Oxford on the Thursday and attend my talk as well. In the talk I’ll be demonstrating and comparing the the role of traditional versus digital media for the twenty first century portrait painter.

Other exciting news are the new DVDs I have recently completed:
Learning Corel Painter X with Jeremy Sutton (http://paintercreativity.com/store/LearningCPX-EN.html), and
The Art of Collage Portraiture (http://paintercreativity.com/store/EYC-Collage.html).
You are welcome to order these, and my book, Painter IX Creativity, and my older DVD set, Painter IX Simplified for Photographers, directly from my web site. I’ll have a few with me at the Oxford talk and class.

Please feel free to forward this note to anyone you know who may be interested in either attending my talk or joining the class.

Hoping to see you in Oxford…


— from Jeremy Sutton

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