Ann Arbor Conference on e-Social Science

The 3rd International Conference on e-Social Science will be held in Ann Arbor, October 7-10, 2007. The initial announcement and Call for Submissions is below. I’d encourage social scientists interested in the development of e-research and its implications for the social sciences to attend. As the organizers state: “The aim of the conference on e-Social Science is to bring together international representatives of the social science and cyberinfrastructure research communities in order to create better mutual awareness, harmonize understanding, and instigate coordinated activities to accelerate research, development, and deployment of cyberinfrastructure to support the social science research community.”

If you are exploring, developing, or applying new methods, practices, and tools that are facilitated by cyberinfrastructure, and particularly if you are interested in its implications for how social scientists do what they do, then please look into the following the following instructions for the submission of papers:
Deadlines: paper abstracts: May 15th, 2007.
Workshop, tutorial, and panel outlines: May 31st, 2007.
Poster abstracts: June 30th, 2007.

Comments are most welcome