Jeremy Sutton’s Tale of Two Portraits of Ted Nelson

On 28 June 2007, Jeremy Sutton delivered one of the most entertaining and informative seminars the OII has ever organized. If you have an interest in the role of digital media in shaping artistic expression, from brush strokes to business models, then you might find the Webcast of this event to be informative and provocative. Jeremy doesn’t tell us about the impact of digital media, but shows us by doing a portrait using traditional media and then moving to digital painting. See:

The seminar was two hours, so the Webcast is broken into two segments, but you really need to see both to appreciate the messages of this artist, who happens to be a gifted speaker. His subject, Ted Nelson, the person who coined the term ‘hypertext’ adds to the discussion, not only through his comments on software, but also by entertaining all with a couple of songs while his portrait is being drawn.

Information about the event is available at:

We are working on getting Jeremy back next summer to talk about the use of digital photography in the production of fine art.

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