Online Seminar on the Network Society by Castells and Dutton

Professor Manuel Castells and I will be teaching an online seminar this autumn, entitled ‘Interdisciplinary Analysis of the Network Society’. This is a doctoral research seminar available to doctoral students at the University of Oxford and Internet Interdisciplinary Institute, conducted on-line through the virtual campus of the Open University of Catalonia. The seminar will be conducted over a period of 8 weeks, from 13 October to 7 December 2008 . Each week one topic will be presented and discussed as per the program of the seminar. At the beginning of each week a lecture prepared by the instructors will be posted, supported by readings available on-line. During the week there will be a online discussion and debate on the topic among the studen ts and faculty engaged in the seminar.

You can open an overview of the course here: Interdisciplinary Analysis

I’d welcome your comments on this offering, including suggestions for improving its selection of topics or readings.

Bill Dutton

One thought on “Online Seminar on the Network Society by Castells and Dutton

  1. I’ve had some queries about whether this would be open to people not enrolled in either of the two doctoral programs. I wish I could say yes, but we need to keep it limited in numbers since there is more interaction with students in this format than in most face-to-face offerings.

    The OII is considering whether we should offer one or more ‘open’ online offerings in the future, so I would be interested in hearing from those with a potential interest in such an option.


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