Perspectives on the Future of Information Technology: e-Horizons

The British Computer Society has orchestrated and conducted a series of interviews with leading experts, including key figures from the IT industry, to gain their views on the future of information technology. What will the world be like in 2057? What are the IT challenges in health, transport, education and the enterprise? How will they impact on the person and society? Contributors to the films range from Vint Cerf, architect of the Internet, Professor Rodney Brookes of MIT on robots, and Dr Brian Collins, Chief Scientist of the Department for Transport, to Pat Cadigan, the Queen of CyberPunk and noted futurists such as Ian Pearson, Chris Skinner and Oliver Sparrow. Since e-Horizons staff contributed to these interviews, and they support the mission of the e-Horizon project, part of the James Martin 21st Century School, we have been given permission to provide access to them over the e-Horizons Web site.

All files are in real media streaming format. They are posted at:

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