Number10TV or Number 10 on the Web

The UK’s Prime Minister is launching a Webcast, which he and the Financial Times refer to as ‘his own TV channel’, “Number10TV”. This is another step for the Web in supporting communication between politicians and the public, among many other e-Democracy initiatives, such as the Conservative Party Leader’s ‘Webcameron’, launched well over a year ago. BBC commentators are already deriding the PM’s skills as a TV personality, as they did in the case of David Cameron, but this seems to miss the point that the Web enables non-TV personalities, such as politicians, to reach small, but interested audiences focused on particular issues and topics, such as politics. This is not TV, and will not compete with TV, but it will complement broadcasting and provide a means for the Prime Minister to bypass media gatekeepers, and provide more fuel to the Fifth Estate and the blogging community.


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