The 40th Anniversary of the Internet from Intel

Here is a terrific video production on the 40 years of the Internet, produced by Intel. While it exaggerates the relationship of the Internet to national defense, and gives a sense of the Internet following a progressive trajectory rather than being reinvented and reconfigured over the years through an ecology of choices by a growing array of actors*, it is a nice celebration of the anniversary.

*Dutton, W. H. (2008), ‘Social Movements Shaping the Internet: The Outcome of an Ecology of Games’, Chapter 19, pp. 499-517 in Elliott, M. and Kraemer, K. L. (eds), Computerization Movements and Technology Diffusion: From Mainframes to Ubiquitous Computing. Medford, NJ: Information Today, Inc.

One thought on “The 40th Anniversary of the Internet from Intel

  1. 40 Years! Can you believe it! Google is only 10 years old… Blogging is only 6 odd years old… The internet is still evolving every day… 5% of homes in the UK still use dialup!

    The internet is a 40 year old baby….

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