Press Coverage of Open Letter on Network Neutrality

An amazingly wide range of press coverage was generated by an open letter on network neutrality, including the following stories in the UK and International press:

All Bits Created Equal

Yahoo and eBay plead with Vaizey for UK net neutrality 3 Dec 2010

Organisations, ranging from eBay, Skype and Yahoo, to the Open Rights Group, Consumer Focus and Which, have … Telegraph, 2 Dec 2010

The letter calls on the UK   government to take practical steps to ensure the continued .. Financial Times – 2 Dec 2010

A group of major Internet companies, including Ebay, Yahoo and Skype, have written to Ed Vaizey, communications minister, ..  Telegraph 2 Dec 2010

The debate over net neutrality is reaching a new phase. Matt Warman examines the issues. The nature of the internet is underpinned on net neutrality – but – Wall Street Journal – Dec 2, 2010

A group of 19 leading internet heavyweights and supporters of the open web have urged the The Guardian – Dec 2, 2010

An interesting confluence with the publication earlier today of the Ofcom report about UK   consumers’ technology habits, today’s net neutrality letter to Ed Technology firms call out the UK Government on net   neutrality. Inquirer – Dec   2, 2010

Nineteen Technology Heavyweights have written to the UK Communications Minister and urged him to cement the Government’s stance on the open Vaizey pressed on net neutrality by internet   heavyweights. The Guardian – Dec 2, 2010

A coalition of Internet and venture capital companies and pressure groups have   written to communications minister Ed Vaizey calling for a clear political Vaizey told to safeguard open internet.  Digital Spy – Dec   3, 2010

A   group of 19 internet organisations and firms have submitted a letter to   culture secretary Ed Vaizey calling on him Net neutrality: UK advocates strike while the iron’s slighty warm. TelecomTV – 3 Dec  2010

Neutrality advocates have seized the opportunity presented by the FCC’s proposed rule-making to press their case for similar Internet protections to be Open letter presses Vaizey on net neutrality. HEXUS – Dec 3, 2010

A bunch of influential Internet big hitters have called on the UK government to keep the Internet open and protect net neutrality. Tech Firms Urge Vaizey To Safeguard Net Neutrality.  ITProPortal – Dec 3, 2010

Major technology firms have urged communications minister Ed Vaizey to lay down the ground rules for net neutrality in the UK. In an open letter, …  Top Technology Firms Join the Fight for Net Neutrality. The FirstFound Blog – Dec 3, 2010

In November, C0mmunications Minister Ed Vaizey decided that net neutrality wasn’ta good thing, and that small businesses, hobbyists and non-profit sites … Tech Firms Call On Vaizey To Safeguard Net Neutrality. eWEEK Europe UK – Dec 2, 2010

Last month, Vaizey clarified his stance on <strong>net neutrality</strong> (ie the unbiased running of Internet service access), saying that he is a supporter and that hisb… – Dec 2, 2010

Net neutrality demands a level playing field for access, and stops ìndiscriminatory business practices, ie. business practices that restrict web access by .. – Dec 2, 2010

.. organisations have written an open letter to communications minister Ed Vaizey urging a rethink of the government’s position on net neutrality.  UK government sets out its position on net neutrality. Lexology – Dec 2, 2010

The Communications Minister Ed Vaizey announced the government’s position on net neutrality on 17 November 2010, stating that ì the internet has been … – Dec 2, 2010

BBC technology chief Erik Huggers has repeatedly spoken out in favour of net neutrality. Vaizey last month provoked accusations that the Government would …  UK web companies demand net neutrality legislation. – Dec 2, 2010

It doesn’t use the words “net neutrality” directly, but it calls for the government to safeguard the web from “discriminatory business practices”, Net heavyweights demand action on net neutrality. PC Pro – Dec 2, 2010

eBay, Which and the Open Rights Group to pen a joint letter to the minister, calling for clarity over the Government’s position on net neutrality. Minister feels pressure to keep net neutral uSwitch†- Dec 3, 2010

Culture Minister Ed Vaizey is facing pressure from campaign groups to maintain net neutrality, after he backed plans for a two-speed internet.
Group letter to Ed Vaizey pleads for open internet – Dec 2, 2010

The signatories call on the government to throw its weight behind net neutrality, by ensuring that traffic management is kept to a minimum and all content U.K. Government Urged to Back Open Web  Wall Street Journal – Dec 2, 2010

The issue of net neutrality has gripped the US telecommunications sector, but the different structure of the European telecoms market means different  Groups oppose UK web traffic control Financial Times – Dec 2, 2010

The letter comes a day after US regulators agreed to relax their proposals on so-called net neutrality and allow cable companies to charge internet users Tech companies write to Vaizey advocating open Internet Techwatch – Dec 3, 2010

The letter follows concerns sparked by Vaizey’s recent comments, in which he appeared to be considering abandoning the principles of net neutrality  Vaizey told to safeguard open internet Digital Spy – Dec 3, 2010

Ofcom is currently running a review of net neutrality and web traffic management practices. In a speech earlier this month, Vaizey appeared to suggest that  UK tech heavyweights send Ed Vaizey open letter on open internet TechEye – Dec 2, 2010

Tech heavyweights and supporters of the British open internet have signed a joint letter addressed to Ed Vaizey, MP, following his u-turn on net neutrality What is the point of Ed Vaizey – Dec 2, 2010

On 17th November, the gaffe-prone communications minister Ed Vaizey delivered a speech that challenged assumptions about the future of net neutrality in the  Businesses press government on open Internet Computer Business Review – Dec 2, 2010

Those in favour of net neutrality believe a two-tiered Internet, hinted at by Ed Vaizey recently, would damage the UK’s online economy. Gov commitment to open net sought Public Service – Dec 3, 2010

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