Keep Standing with Ukraine

The Russian Federation’s unjustified invasion of the sovereign nation of Ukraine has galvanized individuals across the world to support the Ukrainian people. The words of Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy along with other passionate and articulate diplomats in Ukraine have reinforced worldwide outrage over this invasion that has underpinned efforts of the US, UK, and NATO countries to provide arms to the Ukrainians defending their nation – and other sovereign nations of the West.

However, it is not surprising after more than a hundred days of conflict that there are signs of fatigue not only among the troops but also the broader public supporting Ukraine. Institutions like the Russian Federation can grind on over a long period of time as that sustainability is a principal value of institutions – for better or worse. Of course, individuals are not institutions, and we can become fatigued and distracted and confused by disinformation, bad news, and a feeling of helplessness about the course of the conflict.

Today’s Financial Times (13 June 2022: 24) editorial argues that ‘this is not the time for western resolve to ebb over Ukraine’. I completely agree. This theme is quite rightly being echoed by many other commentators and diplomats and it is essential for nations to heed.

But this is advice for individuals as well as nations. It is just as important albeit more difficult for caring individuals to maintain their resolve. Putin was wrong to think his troops would quickly overrun the defences of Ukraine, but there is reasonable speculation that he might well be expecting democracies to be incapable of sustaining their resolve over time. He must be proven wrong as well on this assumption about this invasion.

The outcome of this war in Ukraine will impact not only the Ukrainian people but the western nations if not the entire civilized world. It already has exacted tremendous costs, such as with food and oil shortages. We can’t be left simply watching as the Russian Federation is murdering civilians, committing unspeakable war crimes, sending Ukrainians to filtration (concentration) camps, stealing priceless historical and cultural artifacts from Ukrainian cities and villages, and sowing disinformation about the inevitable destiny of Russia. In the face of these atrocities, we – the civilized public – cannot lose our resolve to remove Russian troops from Ukraine as rapidly as possible. We can’t just delegate. We must speak out, give support, and in all ways we can, continue to stand with Ukraine.

Remember Mariupol! Don’t ever give up on your support of Ukraine.

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