2 thoughts on “Curriculum Vitae

  1. Hi Bill,
    I found you through your website! I was hoping to catch up now that I have finished my term as Dean at the OU and have returned to more intellectual pursuits back in Edinburgh.

    I also wanted to ask a favour: I have applied for a Greaham Professorship in IT. As you know these are part time appointments focused on providing public lectures in various topics. As I am now a person of greater leisure (?!) I thought I would have a go, although I am not sure the panel would favour someone with my innovation take on the topic rather than a more straightforward specialist IT slant. I was wondering therefore whether you would be willing to act as referee for me on this. If you can let me know your current email I could send you a copy of my application, so you could see what I was proposing.

    All the best,

    Jamie Fleck

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