Teaching Interests

I have been teaching courses on research methods in the social sciences, as well as courses focused on the social and political shaping of the Internet and related ICTs, and their implications for politics, organizations and everyday life. I enjoy would with students who have a background in theories and methods within the social sciences, but also value working in multidisciplinary teams with students anchored in computer sciences, Web science, and legal studies.

This site provides some of my course reading lists and syllabi over the years, which I will try to up-date from time to time.

The newest course I am developing for MSU is on media and information policy, so I would particularly value suggestions of key topics and readings.

Courses Taught at the Post-Graduate Level at the University of Oxford

‘The Internet and Social Research Methods’ with OII Colleagues

‘Interdisciplinary Analysis of the Information Society’ with Manuel Castells

Courses Taught at USC

  • Learning from Case Studies in Communication (COM 303)
  • Social and Economic Implications of Technology (COM 345)
  • Communication Management Pro-Seminar (COM 501)
  • Social Dynamics of Communication Technology (COM 530)
  • Emerging Technologies (COM 533)
  • Communication Policy: Global and Comparative Perspectives (COM 557)
  • Communication Technology and Social Change (COM 630)



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