Oxford Summer Doctoral Programme at the OII

We are nearing the deadline for applications for the OII’s 6th Summer Doctoral programme. Organized for the first time in collaboration with the Web Science Research Initiative http://webscience.org , the Program (13th-26th July) will be open to students with dissertations in progress that have promise for advancing research on the societal implications of the Internet, broadly, but also focus this year on themes around Web Science. Up to 25 places will be available to students at an advanced stage of their PhD research.

In addition, thanks to a grant from the EPSRC, WSRI has a number of scholarships available for students at MIT, University of Southampton, University of Oxford and Harvard University which will support a three-month period of exchange activities on Web Science, beginning with the Summer Doctoral programme in Oxford.

Further information on both Programmes can be found on our website at

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