Digital Business Strategy: A Call for Papers

I have agreed to be an associate editor of a special issue of MIS Quarterly, entitled ‘Digital Business Strategy: Toward a Next Generation of Insights’. A former colleague of mine, Omar El Sawy at USC, is co-editing this issue with others. There is a very well considered call for papers available for this issue, and I hope you consider this if your research is relevant to how the IT strategies of firms should be aligned with their business strategies. Of course, challenges to this thesis would be as welcome, particularly if based on empirical research. I am hopeful that the editors receive submissions from research anchored in Europe, but also the Internet research community. I would particularly welcome research on small business enterprises. Given all of the research around the digital divide across households, much more needs to be done to look at divides within business sectors that might strategically disadvantage firms that are not using the Internet in strategic ways.

Comments are most welcome