Alibaba and E-Commerce in China

The recent and huge success of Alibaba on the stock market underscores the vitality of e-commerce in China. Not only does Alibaba capture the lion’s share of e-commerce in China, but e-commerce in this country is more vibrant than in almost any other country in the world. Our global survey associated with the Internet Values Project found that Internet users in China not only more likely to shop online compared with Internet users in the other countries we surveyed, but also by an order of magnitude more than in other nations. Many factors contribute to the success of the Internet as a tool for shopping in China, including some very practical, non-Internet factors, unlikely to be replicated in many other countries, such as the availability of low cost messengers to physically deliver products to households and businesses. Some of the key findings of relevance are outlined in our chapter 7, entitled ‘China and the US in the New Internet World: A Comparative Perspective’, by Gillian Bolsover, William H. Dutton, Ginette Law, And Soumitra Dutta, in Society and the Internet (OUP 2014). See:  images-1

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  1. It is also interesting to see that social trust in China is sort of decreasing, while the trust for online shopping is going on. Maybe it is not only a cooperation management issue, but also a more complicated social issue. You are right, too many factors contribute to the unique situation in China.

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