Media and Information Policy: Syllabus for Spring 2015

I would appreciate any emailed or posted comments and suggestions on my syllabus for a master’s course at MSU’s Department of Media and Information, entitled ‘Media and Information Policy’. My aim is to be broad, covering a wide range of topics that will illustrate the range of policy research and issues in the field, and let student presentations and papers focus in more depth on a topic of particular interest.

I’ll attach the syllabus here, and again welcome feedback. I have not yet incorporated all the changes in response to comments to-date, but will do! Thanks.

850 Course-13JAN15

4 thoughts on “Media and Information Policy: Syllabus for Spring 2015

  1. Besides being Board Member, Investor and Advisor to Paythru Ltd, I am Chairman and CEO of new, NYC based USA subsidiary Paythru Inc.

    Mobile payments + contextual marketing is included indirectly in your syllabus via dated sessions on: mobile, cyber security, privacy, internet of things. Maybe I missed it but didn’t see Big Data. Moreover, I didn’t notice a focus on FinTech aspects. (eg. Paythru’s payment gateway is agnostic beyond credit cards, cash, including loyalty, coupons, masterpass authentication, bitcoin…). Paythru’s target market is (i) asset managers of travel hubs (plane, train, street, parking mall) with shopping centers and our single app (ii) large chain retail stores with their own app (so customers can leverage navigational BluLoc and solve the experience pain-points while creating super merchants. I believe this is an add on to the ecosystems described in your syllabus.

    Bill, Wishing you and yours continuing success in making a worldwide difference and whatever you wish for yourselves.
    Best Regards,
    June Klein

    • Thanks, June. Maybe I can interest a student in some of your examples for their paper. I try to include older as well as recent material for every topic to discuss how these topics have evolved, but appreciate your point, and I’ll make sure I am not out of date, although it is indeed difficult to stay up-to-date on the areas you’ve mentioned. I hope that emerging developments will be an aspect of the routine discussion of news and developments during each class session. Thanks again, and all the best for 2015, and your new ventures.

    • I’ve posted an up-date but have not yet responded to your comments. Thanks, and will see how I can best incorporate Yochai Benkler’s work, which I value.

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