Stop Hounding Bernie: Stop Calling the Election

Hillary, her supporters, the Democratic Party, and the media continue to try to hound Bernie Sanders out of the race. They all use the same narratives, such as doing the arithmetic. While Hillary was assumed to be the presumptive candidate before the primaries even began, she is being seriously challenged and she, her campaign, including the leadership of the Democratic Party, don’t like it. If it is so inevitable, relax. Why the panic?

If the media were to call an election before the polls closed, they would be roundly criticized. But this is just what they are doing now. They are calling the election before millions of voters have even had an opportunity to vote. How damaging are these narratives to the Bernie Sanders campaign? Many believe the story that it is over, and all is lost for the Sanders campaign, yet the votes and states keep coming in for Bernie.

Bernie Sanders Rally MSU
Bernie Sanders Rally MSU

Bernie Sanders and his campaign is courageous to stay in the race. They have the big ideas, and the enthusiastic support of a growing number of voters. They have followed the rules, but they have also been right to question the fairness of some rules, such as the exclusion of the growing base of independents from voting in many Democratic Party primaries.

Moreover, the supporters of Bernie Sanders are not strategic voters. They are voting for a candidate that they feel good about supporting. They are not trying to elect or block another candidate, but support their candidate and his ideas. Arguments about the math dictating that supporters abandon their candidate are not compelling. In fact, they illustrate how divorced his critics are from the chemistry of the Sanders’ campaign, and its positive sense of an over-due political revolution.

A week is a long time in politics, and we have many weeks to go before the end of this Democratic Primary. Stay the course, Senator Sanders. Please don’t let the presumptive candidate hound you out of the election for the next President.

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