The Evidence and Legal Basis for Genocide Claims Against the Russian Federation

With mounting open source evidence, a new report by legal scholars makes a strong case that the Russian Federation is indeed committing acts of genocide in Ukraine. A new report, entitled ‘An Independent Legal Analysis of the Russian Federation’s Breaches of the Genocide Convention in Ukraine and the Duty to Prevent‘ is available online here. The report has been jointly supported by US and Canadian think tanks, the New Lines Institute in Washington and the Raoul Wallenberg Centre for Human Rights in Montreal.

Coverage of this report by Julian Borger in The Guardian summarises the case for nations acting to ‘stop Russian ‘genocide’ in Ukraine’ (Borger 2022). Increasingly, any justification for Western nations not stepping in and moving beyond the supply of weapons to Ukraine is weakened. There is an obligation to prevent the genocide that is being documented daily in this conflict.


Borger, J. (2022), ‘Nations obliged to stop Russian ‘genocide’, say legal experts’, The Guardian, 28 May, p. 36.

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