5 thoughts on “The Societal Costs of Attention Deficits

  1. Like Brian I read your post to the end because I know the author. Really thought-provoking
    post and I enjoyed it very much. I know my attention span is short and some of this may be because I am an ER doctor and if I get the gist of what’s going on I begin planning on how to fix the problem.
    Enjoyed your book even though I am over 70 as you know, and I was not intimidating by it’s length.

    • Nothing more rewarding than knowing some old and close friends take the time to read a blog of mine! Ironically, it is the lucky patient that lands in your ER.

  2. I read your post to the end because I knew the author, and I felt that what you write is worth reading. That being said, I am guilty of a short attention span. In fact I was just reflecting on that this morning. Thank you, Bill for the post. It reinforced my morning reflection.

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