Douglas Englebart

recommend this short YouTube Webcast of a recent interview with Douglas Englebart, entitlted the Invisible Revolution.
See: plan to repost this on the OII Web site in due course. My thanks to Frode Hegland of The Hyperwords Company for bringing this to my attention. See:
Frode has helped bring Douglas Englebart’s contributions to the evolution of the Internet and Web to the attention of more people.

Those interested in Doug, would also appreciate an OII Webcast, based on a talk he gave at the OII, which was introduced by Ted Nelson.

I have a recent paper which attempts to place the contributions of Englebart and other key figures into the larger ecology of games that has shaped the development of the Internet. See: Dutton, W. SOCIAL MOVEMENTS SHAPING THE INTERNET:
THE OUTCOME OF AN ECOLOGY OF GAMES. This is a paper I prepared for a conference entitled ‘Extending the Contributions of Professor Rob Kling to the Analysis of Computerization Movements,’ The Berkman Center, UC Irvine, March 11-12, 2005.

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