Global Perspectives on Freedom of Expression: A New Research Project

I’ve received a new grant from ictQATAR for extending my work with others on the Global Values Project to the Arabic world. This grant will build on my work with the World Economic Forum that led to the WEF report entitled The New Internet World. See: In addition, my colleagues, including Professor Soumitra Dutta, the new dean of the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University, and Ginette Law, an INSEAD/ISIS funded research assistant and former OII MSc student, are working with me on the next phase of the WEF project, fielding a new wave of surveys that will build on our earlier WEF study. The ictQATAR and WEF research efforts are complementary in furthering the aims of the Global Values Project, which explores the attitudes and behaviours of citizens around the world with respect to pervasive concerns such as privacy, trust, security and freedom of choice and expression. See:  

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