Cybersecurity Problems?

Cybersecurity Problems Before, During, and Post-Pandemic William H. Dutton, Patricia Esteve-Gonzalez, and Ioannis Agrafiotis We interviewed a set of experts on cybersecurity to get a tentative idea on whether the pandemic and its effect on working from home (WFH) caused more cybersecurity problems. The interviews led us to entertain the idea that cybersecurity advances over … Continue reading Cybersecurity Problems?

The Attraction of Working from Home

William H. Dutton and Patricia Esteve-Gonzalez  Global Cybersecurity Capacity Centre, University of Oxford A growing number of studies are documenting the shift to working from home (WFH) in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. McKinsey & Company’s American Opportunity Survey supports the importance of this shift and claims that “Americans are embracing flexible work”.[1] Our … Continue reading The Attraction of Working from Home

Stay-at-Home Workers

Stay-at-home Workers: The Global Rise of Hybrid and Online Working from Home Bill Dutton and Patricia Esteve-Gonzalez The impact of lockdowns and working from home initiatives during the COVID-19 pandemic has been substantial on such issues as who works from where. Our global survey of 7,330 respondents spread across 133 countries found that hybrid work … Continue reading Stay-at-Home Workers

An ICA Tribute to Elihu Katz

Unparalleled Contributions of Elihu Katz to Studies of Communication Inspired members of the International Communication Association (ICA) are organizing a preconference on the ‘legacies’ of the American-Israeli sociologist, Elihu Katz. This promises to be a fitting and most deserved tribute to his contributions to multiple academic fields, and certainly to the field of communication. My … Continue reading An ICA Tribute to Elihu Katz

Social Intelligence

Social Intelligence: Fascinating progress in a new approach to understanding public issues. In research on governmental and management use of computing in the 1970s, I found that some of the most consequential management information was gained by mining operational data (Dutton and Kraemer 1978; Kraemer, Dutton, and Northrop 1981). For example, there was a complaint … Continue reading Social Intelligence

Debbie Dunkle: The Loss of a Mentor and Friend

Amid the remembrances of 9/11 in the US and the death of Elizabeth II in the UK, I’ve received news about the death of a wonderful friend and colleague, Debbie Dunkle. At seventy-seven years of age, Debbie had a wonderful life in Southern California and a fantastic career, but I was no less deeply saddened … Continue reading Debbie Dunkle: The Loss of a Mentor and Friend

Changing the Denominator: Spinning Election Results

It is amazing how commentators spin the results of an election. You would think that a candidate wins or losses, but no, it can be (and most often is) spun to make a win sound like a loss or vice versa. The recent example I have in mind is Liz Truss winning the Conservative Party … Continue reading Changing the Denominator: Spinning Election Results

Lessons from the UK Leadership Selection Marathon

On 7 July 2022, Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigned as leader of the Conservative Party, kicking off a selection process that the winner, Liz Truss, minutes after her selection, would describe as one of the “longest job interviews in history”. Liz Truss, the UK’s Foreign Minister, won by a vote of 57 percent of Conservative … Continue reading Lessons from the UK Leadership Selection Marathon

A. Michael Noll’s Story of Harmon-Knowlton’s ‘The Nude’

HARMON-KNOWLTON’S “THE NUDE” OVERSHADOWS ALL A. Michael Noll August 28, 2022 Copyright © 2022 A. Michael Noll Mosaic Graphics Newspapers have been using a mosaic of dots with gray-scale values to reproduce photos. In 1967, Leon Harmon and Kenneth Knowlton did it, using a digital computer to assign gray-scale values to photos. Harmon and Knowlton … Continue reading A. Michael Noll’s Story of Harmon-Knowlton’s ‘The Nude’