Internet of Things: a social perspective

I have been quite interested in the Internet of Things since participating in a ‘roadmapping’ workshop organized by the TSB SIG on the topic. I chaired a group focused on the social science aspects of the IoT, which led to a working paper that is available online, entitled ‘A Roadmap for Interdisciplinary Research on the Internet of Things: Social Sciences’.

This eventually evolved into published article in Info, an Emerald journal: William Dutton, (2014) “Putting things to work: social and policy challenges for the internet of things”, info, Vol. 16 Iss: 3 Available soon at:

I’ve also spoken about the IoTs in a short video produced by VOX (Voices from Oxford) focused on my edited book with Mark Graham, entitled Society and the Internet (OUP 2014). The interview is conducted by Prof Christine Borgman, Professor and Presidential Chair in Information Studies, UCLA. The interview is primarily about the edited book, with an example drawn from the Internet of Things. You can see the video at:


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3 thoughts on “Internet of Things: a social perspective

  1. Thanks for the response Prof. Dutton. I am really looking forward to reading this paper.

    The IotT space is getting interesting. It looks like Nike will stop working on the Nike Fuel Bands. I am guessing people are not buying that device out of privacy concerns. I didn’t buy it because of the same concerns. In fact I have resisted buying any internet connected device for home use.

  2. Sorry. I believe Emerald adopted a system for publishing an individual piece online before the full hard copy journal is published, but in checking, EarlyCite is not that facility. Apologies.

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