Quello Center Launch of Network Neutrality Impact (NNI) Study

On the day the FCC voted 3-2 for net neutrality rules, the Quello Center announced the launch of our ‘Net Neutrality Impact’ (NNI) study. After years of speculations and predictions about the implications of network neutrality, we will be able to study the actual consequences through a natural experiment created by the FCC’s ruling. So remember what you have claimed to the likely consequences of net neutrality, write them down, let us know, and follow our project at the Quello Center. Of course, we also welcome the involvement of other policy researchers who are as curious as we are about what will flow from this decision and how to capture these impacts in the most reliable and valid way.

Follow the project and the Quello Center on Twitter @QuelloCenter

See our announcement of the launch at: http://quello.msu.edu/launching-the-net-neutrality-impact-study/

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One thought on “Quello Center Launch of Network Neutrality Impact (NNI) Study

  1. I’m curious about methodology here. Correct me if I’m wrong, but aside from the selective application of non-Neutral behaviour by certain ISP’s, we don’t really have robust datasets to establish a baseline to compare. The internet has, by and large, been largely net neutral.

    I’m uncertain how far along the study is concept-wise, but I am seriously interested in how the Quello Institute intends to tackle what appears to me to be a very formidable problem.

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