Raising Awareness of Social Media for Positive Social Change

My colleagues and I involved with the World Internet Project (WIP) are looking for some inspiring initiatives in the use of the internet and social media for effecting positive social change. A thesis by Ms Emilia Askari in the College of Education at Michigan State University alerted me to this potential, and discussions within WIP lead us to ask a broader community:

“The internet has the potential power to create a local and worldwide mutual infrastructure based on the understanding that we are all interdependent and that as citizens of the same global village, we all face similar social challenges. These challenges spring from a wide range of issues, such as racism, poverty, and environmental concerns.

We have become aware of many programs for school children on how to protect themselves online, such as being cautious in their use of social media. There are also educators who refer students to positive web sites on various topics. However, we are not aware of many programs that encourage young people to use the internet and related social media for positive social objectives.

If you are aware of any programs, could you please give us examples from your country of projects or intervention programs aimed at encouraging young people to use the internet for positive social change? The focus can be on contributions to the local community or a community located further away or even at global issues.”

Your responses would be most welcomed and acknowledged. You may respond to this question by replying to the post that took you to this blog, or emailing me at William.Dutton at gmail.com


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