Fake News Nation – a new book by Aspray and Cortada is out!

I’d like to recommend to you a new book, entitled Fake News Nation: The Long History of Lies and Misinterpretations in America (Rowman & Littlefield, 2019). Information about the book is at: https://rowman.com/ISBN/9781538131107/Fake-News-Nation-The-Long-History-of-Lies-and-Misinterpretations-in-America

As I noted in my endorsement of this book: “James W. Cortada and Willam Aspray’s brilliantly selected and crafted case studies are must-reads because they bring historical insight to issues of fake news, disinformation, and conspiracy theories of our digital age.”


One thought on “Fake News Nation – a new book by Aspray and Cortada is out!

  1. Does this Dutton dude have any brains on board? His description is positively ludicrous????!!!

    Here’s a review I recently saw by a local buddy, after I had coincidentally read this pile of you-know-what:

    Inaccurately titled, should have been:

    “Fake News on Fake History by Fake Scholars”

    First, to all fake scholars and academics, RTFD!!!

    [Read The Freaking Documents!!!]

    >>>On p. 76, “. . . . Oswald shot police officer J.D. Tippit . . . .”

    FALSE! The Warren Commission claimed that but cited “witness” — Helen Louise Markham – – who failed to identify Lee Oswald from the police line-up. [Actual ignored witnesses described Jack Ruby and an accomplice.]

    >>>On p. 78, “. . . . and his later trip to Mexico City, . . . .” This has been debunked so many times — unbelievable!!! The “evidentiary” photo of “Oswald” showed a 40ish, heavy set Slavic-looking fellow — absolutely no resemblance to Lee Oswald!

    >>>On p. 81, “Congressional investigators in the 1970s confirmed that the CIA and Robert Kennedy, the US Attorney General deputized by his brother the president to assassinate Fidel Castro, had collaborated on the failed initiative, recruiting Mafia leaders into the project.” FALSE, FALSE AND FALSE! ! !

    The CIA-Mafia attempts on Castro were from August 1960 to November 1960 — before JFK took office in 1961. ONLY a few CIA people knew of this! The FBI stumbled upon this via a phone tap on a Mafia mobster — and a shocked Attorney General Bobby Kennedy ordered an explanation! [Source: 1962 DoJ memorandum from the CIA’s Inspector General, Sheffield Edwards. Also refuted by the declassified 1967 CIA/I.G. Report.]

    >>>On p. 82, further disino from David Slawson long since debunked by declassified documents!!!

    >>>On p. 85, authors’ comments against the Kennedy family and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy were truly vile and dishonorable and unworthy of any rebuttal — but I would slap them silly on it! [Trash talking is NOT scholarship!]

    >>>Top of p. 86: Hearsay, supposition and conjecture — irrelevant in both a court of law and any investigation! Also refuted by the declassified CIA/Inspector General Report on the Bay of Pigs by IG Lyman Kirkpatrick!

    >>>On p. 86, authors cite Larry Sabato as “distinguished” — yet Sabato published a cuh-rap book on the JFK assassination and — during interviews on the declassified document releases of 2017/2018, which he claimed to have read — failed to mention important new data!

    The recent declassified document releases of 2017/2018 — when cross-referenced against earlier releases — reveals much! Example: From earlier document releases we know that back in 1977 the HSCA requested all the 1963 files for USA-55 from the NSA and that they were missing — all 1963 files had disappeared!

    From the 2017/2018 releases we learn that USA-55 was the NSA site in Scotland where USAF Sgt. David Christensen, a crypto operator, reported to have chanced upon a voice link between LISBON and Tangiers, detailing the forthcoming murder of the president in Dallas. LISBON is important as six months prior, CIA agents had met with international French assassin, Jean Rene Souetre, in LISBON. Souetre was with the outlawed French fascist organization, the OAS, headquartered in LISBON and offering mercenaries and assassins for hire [Source: declassified CIA documents]; from CIA document #632-796, released in 1977, that the CIA issued a deportation order for Jean Souetre — from Dallas, TX — just hours after the assassination of President Kennedy!!!

    So INS agent, Virgil Bailey, picked up Souetre, an escaped French prisoner, convicted of sedition and treason and wanted for questioning regarding an attempted assassination of French President Charles de Gaulle and places him aboard a plane to return – – not to France – – but to fascist-ruled Spain, where he buys a casino in Barcelona!?

    All public record, all ignored by these two so-called scholars??? And USA-55 files disappeared when the NSA director was Gen. Marshall Carter, who was the deputy director of the CIA on 11/63 and whose brother, Clifford Carter, was the senior advisor to Vice President Johnson. [No, I don’t believe Johnson had anything to do with the assassination other than possible foreknowledge of it.]

    Clifford Carter commanded a WWII/OSS unit, whose members included James Angleton [chief of CIA’s Counterintelligence Division on 11/63 and official liaison to the FBI], Angleton’s special asssistant, James Rocca, and Paul Paterni [deputy director of the US Secret Service on 11/63 and heavily involved with the Warren Commission, the assassination investigation and he was responsible for sanitizing JFK’s limo of all evidence].

    Clearly, public record refutes all the cuh-rap presented by these two fake scholars!

    Irresponsible knaves published — but did not edit — this book!

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