Time Management in Academia

I was in an online workshop for early career academics at the July 2022 Social Media & Society conference @SocMediaConf. One of the key questions was around time management. As a senior (old) academic, I can’t say I have solved that problem - at all, but I have some tips helpful to my own decision-making. … Continue reading Time Management in Academia

Jay G Blumler and the Joy of Academia

Jay G Blumler – Embodying the Joy of Academia On 30 January 2021, Professor Jay George Blumler died at his home in Leeds. His family was with him in the last days of his 96 years. Over the last several months following his death, many beautiful tributes have conveyed the love and admiration of his family, friends … Continue reading Jay G Blumler and the Joy of Academia

Engaging Academia in Cybersecurity Research

Engaging Academia in Cybersecurity Research  Across most academic fields, researchers are increasingly focused on outreach to relevant practitioner and policy communities. It can sharpen their sense of the key questions but also enable their research to have greater application and impact. In contrast, within the field of cybersecurity, policy and practitioners from governmental, non-governmental organizations … Continue reading Engaging Academia in Cybersecurity Research

Microcosmographia Academica

Everyone in higher education will be inspired and entertained by a classic guide for young and old academics. First published in 1908, the book resonates even today. Written by Francis Macdonald Cornford, who was educated and taught at Cambridge, the book is entitled ‘Microcosmographia Academica: Being a Guide for the Young Academic Politician’. This satire … Continue reading Microcosmographia Academica