Cybersecurity Problems?

Cybersecurity Problems Before, During, and Post-Pandemic William H. Dutton, Patricia Esteve-Gonzalez, and Ioannis Agrafiotis We interviewed a set of experts on cybersecurity to get a tentative idea on whether the pandemic and its effect on working from home (WFH) caused more cybersecurity problems. The interviews led us to entertain the idea that cybersecurity advances over … Continue reading Cybersecurity Problems?

Deliver Me from Partygate!

At a time when the British public should be laser-focused on Ukraine, recovering from the pandemic, and dealing with inflation and the rising costs of living, they are being led by the press and politicians to be mired in a never ending so-called ‘partygate scandal’. Partygate is a good issue for galvanising the public because … Continue reading Deliver Me from Partygate!

Social Distancing Can Travel Online

Social Distancing Can Travel Online So much has been said about how online chats, email and conferencing are filling the void left by social distancing, I thought it would be worth sending a word of caution. Courtesy Arthur Asa Berger Communication online is not a real substitute for person-to-person face-to-face communication. It is most often … Continue reading Social Distancing Can Travel Online

Zoom-bombing the Future of Education

Zoom-bombing the Future of Education by Bill Dutton and Arnau Erola based on their discussions with Louise Axon, Mary Bispham, Patricia Esteve-Gonzalez, and Marcel Stolz In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, schools and universities across the globe have moved to online education as a substitute rather than a complement for campus-based instruction. While this … Continue reading Zoom-bombing the Future of Education